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3/17/14 – Total Miles 50.0

Another brutal day climbing up… up… up… The downs are tough too. We got off the trail in Hiawassee to dry out. After yesterday’s hike in the rain, then setting up camp in the freezing rain, everything was soaked. Our packs weighed an extra 15 lbs at least. Myself and Frankie “the sleeper” ate 2 large Pizzas… lol

The blister hurts at night but I bandage it for the day… It’ll be OK.

It’s 8:00 pm (Hiker Midnight)




9 Responses to Ouch!

  1. jim hart

    North Carolina is calling. Press on Chris, you re doing great…your feet are not only ugly, I bet they smell too.

  2. Chris Reck

    MOLESKIN!!!! Get it. Use it. Don’t skimp. Double up. Get the biggest roll they have.

    Uh….do the bottoms of your feet need a shave? Just asking.

  3. Victor Semper

    Great going Chris. Remember pain is just weakness leaving your body!

  4. Kermit and Sandy

    Sorry Chris, you got this. Moleskin is great!

  5. Christina Weinberg

    I can’t believe I clicked on the blister!

  6. Mike Hentz

    I’m really glad that thing didn’t turn green for St. Patrick’s day.

  7. Trolley Stop

    Great to see you’re out of the rain and able to dry out. Chance of SUN is in the forecast.

  8. Billy Szendrey

    I’m too afraid to click on the black box

  9. Chad E

    Remember to be a tortious – Not a hare! Enjoy the challenge.

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