A Little Rest in Hot Springs

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4/6/2014 – Day 26 – Total Miles 255.9
Roaring Fork Shelter

We did 14.9 miles today and everything hurts… I can’t believe we may do 18.0 in the rain tomorrow just to get into Hot springs instead of 2 days in the rain. I’m willing to try but I don’t know if the body is. I hiked all day by myself… I left early so I could finish about the time everyone else did. It worked pretty well so I wasn’t behind. We will see what tomorrow brings.
Free coffee for a week if you can I.D. this… Good thing I had my screw driver with me… It needed some tweaking.



4/7/2014 – Day 27 – Total Miles 273.8
Hot Springs

I hiked 18 miles to get here… The pending weather held off pretty much after the first couple of hours of early morning rain. I can tell you that the same 18 miles would have been bad if the rain had not held off. I’m so glad I made it, but I’m paying the price for it. The 2nd blister finally had to be addressed, see first pic if you want to know what it looked like on the other foot.

Looks like we will lose another trail family member tomorrow, maybe 3. That’s trail life though, so I understand when someone had to move on. We really have/had an awesome group, An IOC magician, a financial adviser, 2 nurses, an organic farmer, and a journalist, all very professional, kind, and helpful to each other. Truly amazing people. New friends will come but I will miss these since we started together. Ace, Mac, J-Rex, Frankie, and Listener… you are all the best!

Tomorrow, Abbie and I will enjoy the hot springs together and a zero day before I had back down the trail and she returns home to the bigger job of holding everything together while I run up and down hills… The pic is crossing Main St. into Hot Springs… I didn’t forget Sarah!



4/10/2014 – Day 30 – Total Miles 284.9
Spring Mountain Shelter

Back on the road after some time off in Hot Springs. The body really needed that. It was so nice to have Abbie there and the foot massage was nice too.

We hiked about 11 miles today and may do 15 tomorrow. It’s Funny how the 5 to 8 seemed so hard not long ago and we are hiking 10 – 15 quite often now. VA will bring 15-20 and more I hope. I’m switching to trail runners in Damascus and sending my boss home along with some winter gear to lighten up the pack. After each resupply the pack is crazy, heavy or at least it seems that way.

Today was a good day with respect to weather and trail conditions. Our group did split in half but that is trail life… we keep moving north!

The shelter is full so we are camping nearby, almost under the stars. The picture is of our camp area. There is actually another 4 tents near but I couldn’t get them all. Mine is on the center back, that’s the important one, right?

Amazing !




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  1. joe

    Asheville Vortac??

  2. Trolley Stop

    Looking great. Getting beyound Hot Springs is another important milestone. Super Job keeping us posted on you progress and sights along the way. The facility in you photo has me stumped.

  3. Sarah

    Ha! You did remember ๐Ÿ™‚
    Chris you are doing fantastic.

  4. Jim Hart

    Doing great Chris. Terri’s 6th class are monitoring your progress daily. It’s a great lesson on geography and history and personal fortitude. Press on brother , we’re all proud of you.

    • Chris

      Oh great that’s what I need more presure….. Just kidding. ….. thankyou for the support. .. It truley is an amazing journey

  5. Mike Green

    Good job Chris, I am glad Abbie was able to visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. bill

    Hey Chris, glad you got the Snowbird vortac dialed in.

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