Ready to go… Again

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Yesterday I received the green light from my Dr… to return to the trail. She says it’s going to hurt for awhile but it’ll get better in a few weeks. I’m ready. …. my flights are all set up… I have my room in Millinocket and I’m counting on good weather….lol.

I’m repacking my pack and trying once again to lighten the load…. As long as it doesn’t snow I should be good.


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  1. John Mackey

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and really appreciate you sharing your experience. Sorry your hike was interrupted but I’m so glad to see you going back! Best of luck to you & be safe!

  2. Anita Read

    Good luck on the weather. Have a great time.

  3. Elaine Leigh

    We just dropped our kids back off today after being home also with injury. They are back on the AT near Lynchburg. Way south of you, they plan to be back on for 5 weeks and do as much as they can. We hiked today with them maybe a mile, on our at back huge rattlesnack right off the trail. Good for those of you brave enough to endure. Good luck. Looking forward to your notes.

  4. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Good luck, Chris. Love your determination! Hang in there and be safe. Babs and Steve

  5. Debra

    Congratulations! Way to get back out there!

  6. Bill McNichols

    You have my admiration.

  7. Rick Churray

    Chris, glad to see your heading back out! I will keep you in my prayers! Go easy for a few weeks! I know you will be back in Harpers Ferry before long! It will be a great finish! Looking forward to you next post!

  8. Terrie

    Glad you’re able to get back out there! Looking forward to the daily post on the next 1000 mile adventure.!!

  9. Billy Sz

    Give me your ETA for Mt. Washington. I owe you dinner

  10. JNH

    Be safe Chris……enjoy the journey…..

  11. Mike g


  12. Tina W

    I too have been following your posts and I’m so happy to see you’re getting back on the trail! My sister hiked the AT last summer and got to PA before falling and cracking her tailbone. She had to get back to work, but has the same determination – she will take an early retirement next year and finish the AT. LOVE IT!
    PS I will continue following you and pledge to your worthy cause soon.

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