Rain, Fog, and Cold

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I thought there would be a marching band and cheerleaders to send me on my way… Just rain, fog, and cold.

*The cell coverage is minimal and Chris is having issues sending out journal entries. He is going to try to get an entry out later today about the first couple days. Don’t forget to Follow Chris Live. He checks in about once a day with his GPS locator so we can follow his progress.


5 Responses to Rain, Fog, and Cold

  1. Chris Reck

    Looks fun. Hey you know when I saw the live updates page I was pretty excited, but so far its kinda like watching grass grow. Maybe you could pick up the pace a little?

  2. Jim hart

    On google earth I was able to zoom in to the hut you stayed at the Thursday night. There have been complaints about the toilet seat bring left up. Come Chris you’re better then that!

  3. Trolley Stop

    Looks just like the Appalachian Trail I know and love. Don’t sweat the small stuff

  4. " Two Eagles"

    Looking good buddy!! will be here cheering you on,.. I’ll work on that cheerleader thing! 😉

  5. Jim

    The “under” is looking better all the time! GL Jim Dietz

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