Gear List

Here is my final gear list….pray for me !

1.  Smart Wool socks…. 2 pr. 1 for hiking and 1 for sleeping.

2.  fleece zip jacket…. extra warmth on cold days.

3.  Marina Wool lightweight long sleeve crew top/long underwear. 1 pr.

4.  Cabelas Hiking pants  ( until warmer weather ) 1 pr.

5.  BCG Synthetic hiking shirts (2) short sleeve…very lite/very quick drying.

6.  Marmot Beanie.

7.  Recycled fleece gloves.

8.  BCG Synthetic hiking shorts…very lite/quick dry. 2 pr.

9.  Exfficio synthetic boxer briefs…(2)

10.  Plastic Spork.

11.  Base Camp gravity water filter.

12.  Cookpot.

13.  MSR fuel canister.

14.  Gatorade bottles for water…(2)  2 liter platypus.

15.  Pocket Rocket Camp Stove….. 3 oz.

16.  Keens mid tarhgee-2 boots…. my 4th and final brand.

17.   The 2014 AT hikers guide….a must have.

18.  Galaxy S4 for skype/facetime/journals/camera.

19.  Knife, clippers, TP, Bug spray, Duct tape, purell hand sanitizer, toothpaste/brush, bio wash soap, bic

20.  Paracord 50 ft…..for food bag etc etc…

21.  Leki Trekking poles

22.  Osprey 65 Liter

23.  Backpack cover for extra weather protection

24.  OP  dry bags for everything.

25.  Trash Compactor Bags…..more dry protection.

26.  Ultralite Air Core Pillow

27.  Marmot 815 fill 15 degree sleeping bag w/liner

28.  Big Agnes Ul1 tent w/footprint for moisture barrier


All this has weighed  in at 33 lbs….. close to my goal….now I ll look for grams to cut weight

UPDATED 2/5/2014