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I’m so glad I waited 1 day for the rain to pass….today was totally amazing !!! The shuttle dropped 8 of us off at the ranger station base of Katahdin… I was first to get my pass to climb and I was outta the gate….I flew up that mountain I was so pumped… Probably didn’t … Continue reading »

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I’m On Top!

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Katahdin… Here I Come

7/10/2017 – East Branch Shelter – 17.0 mi Pretty nice hiking today. There was a very fine misty rain in morning but it gave way to sunshine. It was one foot in front of the other… up and over the last 4 remaining mountains. After that… all downhill to the shelter. My feet are hurting … Continue reading »

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Long Pond Shelter

7/8/2017 – Long Pond Shelter – 15.1 mi I got off to a good start today, had breakfast at 6am and was on the trail at 7am with sunshine!! By 9 am I was in the rain and for the last 3 mi to the shelter, heavy rain w/ thunder. In spite of being soaked … Continue reading »

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Into the 100 Mile Wilderness…

07/05/2017 – Moxie Bald Shelter – 13.1 Ok….I’m just 18 mi from Monson so I’ll be there tomorrow afternoon…I’ll probably do a zero to just enjoy the moment. I’m ready to finish the hike but at the same time wishing for more… melancholy moments. The shelters are full of southbound hikers night now… I wish … Continue reading »

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2,000 Miles and Counting

06/29/2017 – Spaulding Shelter – 18.7 mi You can’t predict mother nature. I left Rangeley at 6am and the plan was 10 mi before the rain started. When I got to the first shelter at 1:30 and no rain l decided to push for the next shelter and see if l could best the rain … Continue reading »

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Well, I’m finally in Maine!

06/22/2017 – Full Goose Shelter….. 10 mi Well, I’m finally in Maine! Did 10 hard miles today…I wanted to get thru Mahoosuc today (the hardest mi on the AT) but I also wanted to have fresh legs when I did it since I’ve no idea what to expect. I held up 1.5 mi short. In … Continue reading »

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No Phone Service

A quick update. Chris hasn’t had phone service to send his blog posts for a few days. If you still want to follow his progress, he checks in daily with his GPS device to let us know he is OK. Use the “Follow me Live” link at the top of the page or click here … Continue reading »

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Gentian Pond Shelter… 16mi

06/21/2017 The hike on the trail today was 12 mi… getting to the trail was another 4 mi. I couldn’t get a ride hitching so I had to walk the extra 4. I’ve had great luck hitching but not this morning, maybe it was to early. The trail today had more exposed roots than rocks … Continue reading »

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Gorham, NH

06/18/2017 Carter Notch Hut… 7 mi Last hut in the hut system… thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon today and probably tomorrow too… So I decided I’d rather be soaked for 1 day rather than 2. Tomorrow I’ll push for Gorham which will be a tough 15 mi. day on the rain all the way. I … Continue reading »

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