No Phone Service

A quick update. Chris hasn’t had phone service to send his blog posts for a few days. If you still want to follow his progress, he checks in daily with his GPS device to let us know he is OK. Use the “Follow me Live” link at the top of the page or click here … Continue reading »

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Gentian Pond Shelter… 16mi

06/21/2017 The hike on the trail today was 12 mi… getting to the trail was another 4 mi. I couldn’t get a ride hitching so I had to walk the extra 4. I’ve had great luck hitching but not this morning, maybe it was to early. The trail today had more exposed roots than rocks … Continue reading »

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Gorham, NH

06/18/2017 Carter Notch Hut… 7 mi Last hut in the hut system… thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon today and probably tomorrow too… So I decided I’d rather be soaked for 1 day rather than 2. Tomorrow I’ll push for Gorham which will be a tough 15 mi. day on the rain all the way. I … Continue reading »

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Joe Dodge Lodge

06/17/2017 What a day…. Expected another awful day but it was beautiful… I woke up at 5am to blue sky’s above and an undercast in the mountain valleys… I have experienced all that the Whites/Presidentials had to offer. I forgot to mention that I even got to hike across the Jefferson snowfield, still there in … Continue reading »

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Through the Whites!

6/13/2017 AMC Highland Center 8 mi. Hiked out of Zealand Falls this morning after breakfast. Ethan was there for 2 miles then of on his own. I’ll see him tomorrow after I do this monster climb out of Crawford notch. I’ll try to get a pic of the mountain when I head back to the … Continue reading »

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The Phones Ain’t Talking…

06/09/2017 Kinsman Pond Shelter…11.6 mi Ok, I took a chance and pushed out this morning for the hike hoping the rain would hold off. It sprinkled on/off throughout the day but I pretty much started dry!! Yahoo !! I rolled into the shelter at 4 pm. 8 hrs to go 11.6 miles… its slow going … Continue reading »

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Hiker Hostel… Part 3

06/08/2017 Finally!!! One good day, 10 Miles… but more rain tomorrow!!! I can’t decide if I’ll head north again in the morning or not. The thought of being soaked again is revolting! But I can’t get there if I’m not moving north. Today I climbed Mt. Moossilauke, up and over in 5 hrs. I did … Continue reading »

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Rain and the Hiker Hostel

06/05/2017 Another drowning at the hands of mother nature. I’m in a terrible shelter (Hexacuba), very drafty. It’s raining and everything is wet, even my sleeping bag is absorbing the moisture. I wish I could have pressed on today but I couldn’t have made it before dark and it would have been a 27 mile … Continue reading »

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Trapper John Shelter… 11.2 mi

06/04/2017 Beautiful day for a hike!! I bid farewell to my trail angels and the camper, they call it… The Tank, lol. Two flashes with me tonight, 1 will finish this month and the other in early July. I will stick to my plan of 10 to 15 July! Pics today are scenery. One with … Continue reading »

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Etna, NH – 12.2 mi

06/03/2017 Doesn’t sound like much but after my 21.7 day but it was all I had in the tank. In 3 days I begin the BIG climbs and descents, they are about 35 miles ahead of me. I didn’t see a sign for NH but I’m here. I forgot to mention that the big toe … Continue reading »

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