Double Spring Gap

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4/1/2014 – Day 21 – Total Miles 193.9

Another good weather day but again the trail was slush and mud. Tomorrow is a big tough day over cling man’s dome… Just under 14 miles in the same trail conditions. In NC you have to stay in the shelters unless they are full, then you can tent near the shelter. I left early for today’s hike and saw “Listener” a couple times but no one else from our group. Hiking alone made it easier to hike at a tad slower pace which has helped the knees. I know the days are coming when I’ll complain about the heat, but something in between would be nice for a while.

Food has become an issue for me. I need to mix it up a bit so I have a little variety. I’ll work on that on my next resupply.

I still have my cold but I think I’m feeling a bit better each day. Hopefully that means a little stronger each day too, I need that to happen. I hope that helps with the feet/leg pain each night. I’m so tired it’s all I can do to blog… exhausted beyond belief.

Double Spring Gap Shelter

Double Spring Gap Shelter

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  1. bill

    Better days ahead buddy, keep on truckin’.

  2. Terrie

    I’m glad the weather conditions have somewhat improved! Hang in there!!

  3. Joe Young

    Hang in there Chris…looks like wx should be good most of the day Fri…looks like around eve/dark some rain may be moving in..gone by AM..then looks pretty good almost all weekend..late Sun night more rain may move in. Monday looks kinda wet… Hang in have your tough skin on now.

  4. Caroline Jordan

    The inhabitants of Deep Hill Circle are all cheering for you! When you were at Nantahala Outdoor Center it took Jen and I back to when we took whitewater kayaking classes there back in the late 90s. We noticed a ton of black Suburbans loitering around, which seemed strange. After we got on the trail for a short day hike, we were approached by two FBI agents, who implored us not to camp along the trail as they were engaged in a manhunt for Eric Robert Rudolph (Centennial Park bomber). A few years later they found him dumpster diving in Murphey, NC. The trail holds many secrets….Have fun and prayers for your knees, legs and feet are being sent. Miss you.

  5. Trolley Stop

    Standing Bear Farm is just the other side of the Smokies. Hope you have (or had) a chance to visit for a bit. Keep up the great hike. You’re making a big dent in those 5 million steps.

  6. Chris Reck

    Dr. Reck here, My prescription for you is as follows, 2 days of serious rest. Feet up with very little movement, Abby waiting on your becon call. Several large, extremely red, pieces of bovine flesh cooked to your order and several massive baked potatoes, ALL THE WAY! A massive plater of steamed fresh veggies (eat the rainbow, right Glenn). The massage of various body parts is recommended but will have to be negotiated with Abby. Follow this regimen for 2 days followed by a moment of silence in the facilities. Afterward get back to the business of hiking to Maine. Good luck.

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