10.5 Miles!

Posted by on May 21, 2013

A quick update… I hiked 10.5 miles the other day. It was pretty tough the last 3 but I didn’t give up. I think the humidity made it harder than it should have been. My water was gone by mile 9, the last mile and a half was hiked on empty… lesson learned. I saw my first snake, a copperhead warming himself on the trail. It was a little scary thinking what could have happened had I not seen him. Then, out of nowhere a turtle came rolling down the hill and landed on it’s back right in front of me. It was pretty funny to see actually. I thought about just rolling him over being the big brave game hunter that I am, then I thought better of it. I’m sure he could have bitten off my whole arm. Instead, I used my hiking pole to save him, and on down the hill he went….slowly!



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  1. Craig Bushey

    Well done Chris!

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