On the Trail Again…

Posted by on September 29, 2013

Summer is waning and I’m on the trail again. Today was my first hike with a FULL pack. Most of the past 12 months were spent researching and purchasing gear that will sustain me for 5-6 months. I had a semi-official weigh-in goal of not an oz. over 30 lbs. I came scary close at 31 lbs. As I continue to make adjustments, I’ll replace items with ones that are lighter to reach my goal. I know it doesn’t seem like much and you might wonder why I would even bother, after all it’s just 1 lb. Think of it this way, carrying 1 lb 2185 miles is the same as carrying 2185 lbs 1 mile… every oz. counts!!

One other thing I’d like to point out. If you haven’t seen the video in my previous blog post, please take a moment and watch. If you love your children I don’t know how this couldn’t touch your heart.

PLEASE ask you friends to join in and support my hike… I will hike until my feet fall off to make this happen… We are over $5,000 and climbing, with a goal of $10,000!!


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  1. Craig Bushey

    Good luck Chris we are all counting on you!

  2. Billy Szendrey

    Dinner. Bethlehem, NH. 7July14. Don’t be late.

  3. Jennifer

    Nice job Chris! Glad you can start hiking more now that the weather is nicer.

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