AT – Approach Trail Hike

Posted by on December 13, 2013

It’s been awhile between updates but I continue to plug along. I’m still not convinced that I have the correct footwear for the hike so I decided to go to Georgia and hike the approach trail to the AT and try to get a feeling of what I was in for. The approach Trail begins at Amicalola Falls State Park and ends at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail at the summit of Springer Mountain. Amicalola is the third highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River which is also the tallest waterfall in Georgia.

It was cold, rainy, foggy, and very windy as I began my approach trail hike. The 600 steps up the falls actually went pretty well, slow and steady. By the time I made the top I was pretty wet with the rain and waterfall overspray. I felt like Jim Cantorey (sp) trying to stand up in a hurricane segment!

Anyway, off I go into the woods following the trail past the Falls Resort and the “Hike Inn 1 Mile” sign. I was determined not to go tree to tree during this initial hike. (Hi Roger).
The trail was very wet with lots of water, slippery rocks and mud. Man it was cold!! I actual rolled both ankles a few times, but nothing that caused issues.

I met 2 other hikers which was pretty surprising considering the weather. One will be starting that AT in March and the other doing his last mile hiking southbound….Amazing!

Here are two pics… the beginning and the summit…everything in between was just a picture of my shoes! 🙂

Start of The Approach Trail

Start of The Approach Trail

Springer Mountain Summit

Springer Mountain Summit


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  1. Roger Gorey

    Congrats Chris! I admire your determination. That’s a significant trek on a nice day. (Not to mention your journey just to get there). You definitely have what it takes. Very excited about following you in 2014. Trolley Stop

  2. Scott

    Congrats chris! Pretty cool you got to make a real time hike like what you will probably encounter. Keep surging forward! What an incredible journey this will be.

  3. Heather Reck

    Great ‘before’ pictures! You’re gonna rock this trail!

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