2 WEEKS !!!!

Posted by on February 24, 2014

I know I need to contain myself but I’m so excited/anxious to get started putting one foot in front of the other….. I cant sleep, (and I never have sleep issues) I dream all night long about every aspect of what I imagine is coming. I can still EAT a mean meal though!! Whew!!

I had all my gear depacked AGAIN in the living room and my wife and I were going over every ounce trying to squeeze out any last second luxuries! I wanted to leave the body wipes and just embrace the magic of the manly scent that only thru hikers can relate to. My wife insisted they go with me if only to spare my fellow hikers the pain of close proximity!

After all the discussions pro/con, we did find ways to lighten the load a bit more and that’s it….. 31 lbs with 5 day supply of food. (No water). I could get it to 30lbs but just starting out I didn’t want to run out of groceries… I like my groceries !!

Here is what she looks like all nice and clean, packed perfectly, that wont last long !!



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  1. rachael buchanan

    Way to go. My son is on the spectrum. We have participated in Appalachian Trail days in Damacus Virginia for several years. Our church -Harvest Fellowship Baptist always does meals and music and foot washing. We may have even met and didn’t know it. In any case, I have posted your link on Facebook and told friends about it. If your ok with, I’ll see if I can post it in the church bulletin. Does you hiking schedule include a run through Damascus? Would be a blast to meet up. E-mail me at buchanan_rachael@cox.net Good luck

  2. Christina

    Do you have your fit it so we can watch your steps? I do believe you will beat Jim Hart!

  3. Christina


  4. Steve Gorey

    Best of luck, Chris. We look forward to following your blog. Enjoy the fresh mountain air.
    Babs and Steve

  5. Bill McNichols

    Your fellow hikers won’t notice any smell. They will have been on the road the same amount of time, and will have been eating what you are eating. Learned this from experience.


  6. Craig Bushey

    Looks good Chris. You will do great!

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