1 Week!!!

Posted by on March 3, 2014

OMG!! Its really here…. I have spent quite a bit of time these last couple of weeks saying good-bye to friends and family, having several last suppers, and a few drinks with much laughter. I think I have gained 10 lbs just trying to leave!!! Today I did a final pack and boxed it all up, then off to UPS for shipping to Ga. I don’t know why, but that box felt much heavier today. My final assault on pack weight will happen the night before I get on the trail at Springer. After shipping off my pack and running a few errands, I returned home to see a small pile of items I had left in a special spot so that I wouldn’t forget them….ha. Its ok, just a small flight bag and I’m good.

I had dinner with family last night and as I’m driving home, I thinking to myself that if I can eat just half as good as the dinner they prepared, it’ll almost be heaven on the trail! Thank you Brian and Carly.

Thank You to all that have been so generous in giving to help fight the good fight against autism. I’m truly amazed at what you have given in support. My son built the webpage and initially had set up a $10,000 goal. I never once thought we could ever reach that goal. So we began at $5,000 (dad knew better) and a few months later bumped it back up to $10,000 (son knew better). Now we have surpassed the 2nd (original) goal and are still gaining. Thank You Thank You Thank You !!

Please continue to tell your friends and family. Link us in any way you can with everyone! The goal isn’t just $10,000 – the goal is to find a cure for autism like it is to fine a cure for so many other ailments. Most of us will never know the pain and struggles that come with medical issues like autism, but to those that do, God Bless You. If this little bit of change makes even the smallest improvement in your lives, I will be forever thankful.

I am truly humbled and grateful for your help!


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  1. JNH

    Go DUB……JNH

  2. jmr

    Best of luck Chris, Im sure it will be a great adventure for you. Looking forward to read your blog while your on the trail.

  3. Gary

    Excited for you.. prayers buddy!

  4. Steve Gorey

    Wishing you Happy Trails and Godspeed. Hope the bumps in the road are only pebbles.
    Babs and Steve

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