First wake-up on the AT !!

Posted by on March 10, 2014


There could be change in the wind… literally!  The forecast for my Wednesday a.m. start is 55 mph winds with moderate rain and a wind chill of 3-5 degrees…. mountain forecast for Springer.

With these conditions I’m expecting to wake up looking much like the pic in my journal update!

Would I be insane to go Wednesday?  All signs point to yes…. I’ll decide when I wake up….

Think warm thoughts!!

Chris……………….. Tank


6 Responses to First wake-up on the AT !!

  1. Richard Churray

    Sure hope you are not carrying an ax when you wake up looking like Jack!

  2. Trolley Stop

    Don’t worry about a thing. It will only get better and better and just when you think it can’t get any better it will!

  3. Steve Gorey

    You will just get trail christened early on. Go for it. (Easy for me to say). Babs

  4. Beth

    You will be far more dapper frozen. Be safe.

  5. Bob Reiss

    Isn’t all that walking supposed to keep u warm. Think warm thoughts….that’s a good idea. Like sitting in a tree stand at 0 dark thirty!

  6. Terrie

    Good luck! You know I hate the cold!!

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