Blood Mountain

Posted by on March 15, 2014

3/13/14 – Total Miles 7.6
Yesterday was Day 1. I made it to Hawk Shelter. It was supposed to get down to 10 degree wind chill, and it did. We all froze with gusty winds and poor shelter. Thanks Chris for the down jacket… It got me thru the night. On to Gooch Shelter.

3/14/14 – Total Miles 22.5
Yesterday, I made it to Gooch Shelter. It was a much warmer night. Today we stopped at Lance Creek and tented because of bear activity ahead.

3/15/14 – Total Miles 31.5
Today I left Lance Creek about 9 am and tackled Blood Mountain arriving at Neels Gap around 3 pm… It kicked my butt. I’m definitely the old man in this group. I think my trail name should be Slomo!

Amazing how fast a group will form and a few days later they disperse when in town. So far everyone has been great. Very helpful. Most everyone has lots of trail experience, except me! Tonight 5 of us are holed up in this awesome cabin, then we get punished with days of rain… oh well, maybe it’s better than a wind chill of 10.

I resupplied today at an outfitter… And sent home 4 lbs of stuff I hope I didn’t need. My bag weight is 31 lbs and I’m thrilled. We are going into town for dinner. It’s an all you can eat….!!!! I’m so ready!!!


Day 1 – On my way to Hawk Shelter


Blood Mountain

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  1. Craig

    Making great progress. Love that GPS tracker. Keep up the good work

  2. Chris Reck

    Glad the jacket worked. Still wish I had stashed that picture in the pocket. You know the one! Ha!

  3. jim hart

    In the picture at blood mountain are you the guy in the middle or the fat old guy to the right groping that young chick?

  4. JNH

    Well done Pops…..hang in there and sow them young’uns what you are made of…..JNH

  5. bmac

    I read your gear list and it looked pretty good, Wondering where you lost that 4 extra pounds.

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