Low Gap

Posted by on March 16, 2014

3/16/14 – Total Miles 41.1

Today we hiked to Low Gap in the pouring rain. 11 miles, most I have done so far. We were right on the edge of freezing… If we stopped we froze in bout 2 min. The shelter was full when we arrived, so we ate in the tents. Big difference from our cabin last night.

BTW, bears do crap in the woods… it’s official. I didn’t see any hiker bells in it so that’s a good sign.

Tomorrow I put the wet clothes back on and keep hiking… yuck… freezing clothes too..

Low Gap - Camping in the Rain

Low Gap – Camping in the Rain

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  1. Trolley Stop

    Thought at first your photo today was another of Jack Nicholson. Great mileage.

  2. Chris Reck

    We were thinking of you today at work watching that system march across the south east. Mixed précip in Virginia. The prog showed rain through tomorrow also. Ugh. It can only get better. New glasses? Zip that jacket up!

  3. Mike Hentz

    Warm wishes my friend

  4. Jim hart

    Hang in there Chris. Get through this tough first week and you’ll be ready for anything. It’s going be a couple of wet days followed by cold air but things forecast to improve. Use that sheep if necessary buddy for warmth.lol

  5. Christina Weinberg

    Chris~ you are being tested! This is the hard part. If it wasn’t difficult, everyone would do it. May God Bless you through this journey. Stay strong! You can do this!

  6. Bob Reiss

    You are at the top of the prayer list. Keep your focus on Him and He will lead you through rain in the valley to the sun (Son) at the top of the mountain!

  7. Sarah

    You are an inspiration to us all! Thinking of you every day 🙂 Sarah

  8. Terrie

    Hi Chris! You’re my new hero!! My marathoning days can’t compare to hiking in the freezing elements. Yuck!! BTW…are you brushing and flossing every night???Lol Hope that made you laugh!!! Terrie

    • Chris

      Hi Terri
      So nice to hear from you. … took a day off in franklin. … back on the trail in the am for more cold and snow. …I’m struggling every day but I keep moving
      I think of I can get thru 5/6 weeks. …I can do this. ..

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