NC here I come!!!

Posted by on March 20, 2014

3/19/14 – Total Miles 69.6

Today was a semi-short day but still very tough. At times I felt like I was doing the death hike… That’s when your right foot doesn’t pass your left foot but you are still moving forward. Very very slow. The rain seems to have relented for the time being so tomorrow has promise for my first nice hiking day. I hope to cross into North Carolina… Whaoo! That is major. That moves me into the 30 percentile, each state you move further up!

This pic is of the Blueberry Hostel which provides breakfast which is supposed to be awesome… Then back on the move… NC here I come!

Blueberry Hostel

Blueberry Hostel

8 Responses to NC here I come!!!

  1. Heather Reck

    This looks like a big morale boost! Hooray!

  2. jim hart

    Great news Chris. It looks like its a beautiful area, maybe with some warmer temps moving in you will be able to enjoy it and not have to fight it as much. You re doing great.

  3. Jill

    You can do this, I BELIEVE!

  4. Trolley Stop

    Wow! Going strong. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  5. Bill and Vicki

    Thank God for hostels!

  6. Craig Bushey

    Well done Chris. Keep the faith.

  7. Joe Young

    Good job Chris..the sun only gets higher each day. Nice dry days ahead.

  8. Elaine Leigh

    Just to let you know I’ve been following your blog, my daughter and her husband are about 6 weeks behind you but are not giving as much detail as you are about the trials and tribulations. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey. I think most of the trail magic is handed out to thurs starting early, they are at the back of the pack and have not encountered any yet.
    Good luck. I will continue to read ahead.

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