Muskrat Creek

Posted by on March 21, 2014

3/20/2014 – Total Miles 78.2

I have to say that if you are following my blog and getting ready to hike… you absolutely must stay at the blueberry hostel at dicks gap.

I left Georgia today. As you can see I was thinking that I had actually accomplished something, ha.

NC had a big surprise in store… It seemed almost straight up for about 2 miles… Once again brutal. I need a new adjective… how about brutally brutal. I slogged along mostly by myself today, a few passers now and then. I’m at Muskrat Creek Shelter tonight… I can’t believe I made it here… I’m exhausted!!!

Made it to NC

Made it to NC

12 Responses to Muskrat Creek

  1. billy c

    Chris you look great, and you’re making great progress. Keep it up.
    At least you finally look dry!

  2. Anita Read

    Sunshine and t-shirt weather! You’re doing great.

  3. Sarah

    Yay Chris! You made it to North Carolina. That is awesome. After the what you went through this past week most would have packed it up and gone home. If this was easy everyone would be doing it :). You look great, I love this picture.

  4. Terrie

    Looking good! Keep on truckin…

  5. Kermit and Sandy

    We are in awe of you determination! Keep looking up.

  6. Trolley Stop

    Looking good. That first climb in NC is a real conversation piece around the camp fire.

  7. joe

    Your face is looking all barky…ur fitting in now…press on leathe-man!! salute!

  8. Heike

    Hi Chris,
    you are doing great! Keep on walking YOUR hike and everything will be fine!
    Hope, I can follow your footsteps in a couple of years as well!
    Your fan from Germany,

  9. Cliff

    Your doing great keep it up.Were proud of you.

  10. Rick Churray

    Keep it up Chris! One step at a time! Virginia is coming!

  11. Charlie Carlson

    Chris…..I have a loaf of bread that Don Steelman sent to me and I will send it to where you can pick it up. It weighs about 2 lbs… I recall you really like it with some sort of jam…… you are looking good.
    Charlie Carlson (think you remember me – do you not)

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