Carter Gap Shelter

Posted by on March 22, 2014

3/21/2014 – Total Miles 90.7

The shelter was full again tonight so I’m tenting. Tomorrow we make a big push for Rock Gap Shelter (approximately 12 mi). That puts us within 5 miles of Franklin and a short hike in the rain on Sunday. Again trying to take cover from the weather… possible snow next week and then cold again.

Today was supposed to be easy but I didn’t think so… roots and rocks for miles.

Oh one more thing, some hikers found a deer carcass that had been eaten by coyotes. They cooked it in the fire pit and ate it. They are all still alive so I guess it was ok. It’s 5.30 and on exhausted. Goodnight.


6 Responses to Carter Gap Shelter

  1. Jim Hart

    Don’t be around those if they get short of food…. You don’t them to start thinking,” hey , let’s eat the old guy.”

  2. Chris Reck

    Can we get a blister update?

  3. Billy Szendrey

    You need to speed it up and get to the shelters earlier. Or reserve a space with your
    credit card. It works every time I do it at Marriott

  4. Joe Young

    Reporting live from Carter’s Gap..this is Wolf Blister…we take a break from the activities in the Indian Ocean. “Mr Tank…can we take a look at the foot.” Ghouls…we are aplenty. ! …Glad u are getting a dry break. Good pic…though I think you need to scare your mates with that deer pelt draped over you..maybe around 2am..with a flashlight through the eyeholes…or just your regular face.

  5. Joe Young

    In all seriousness Chris,,,If its not too late…save a little of the deer skin,,with hide. U may be able to trim it down and use it as a shoe insert..soft side up.

  6. Trolley Stop

    Wow. Hiker hunger at it’s most extreme.

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