Fontana Dam

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3/29/2014 – Day 18 – Total Miles 163.7

Well, except for the on/off rain all day it wasn’t too bad. Still soaked by the time we arrived, but all good now after laundry and a hot meal. Tomorrow it’s into the Smokies. With five to six days of good weather expected, we are hopeful to push thru before mother nature knows we are there…

News is always a bit sketchy on the trail, but we heard that five girls had to be rescued a couple days ago when we were in the whiteout snow conditions freezing… It is so easy to get caught unprepared. We were ready and still had to suffer thru it… I’m so glad it is behind for now.

I might be of the grid for a few days while in the Smokies but will update as I can when signals available.


6 Responses to Fontana Dam

  1. Jim hart

    You look great Chris but who is the guy in the blue coat?

  2. Abbie Waltenburg

    AR you bringing this home?????…abby

  3. Cliff Waltenburg

    looks good on you.Will sure keep you warm. LOL

  4. Billy Sz

    Remember, he’s as scared of you as you are of him.

  5. Chris Reck

    Personally I prefer the bear claws at Dunkin Donuts but at this point you are probably half feral so who am I to judge.

  6. Trolley Stop

    Good to hear your weather is improving especially going into the Smokies. Hope this is your only bear encounter. You look like you’ve licked the flu you were concerned about earlier.

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