Jerry Cabin Shelter

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4/11/2014 – Day 31 – Total Miles 300.3

Very nice day today. We took our time hiking 15.4 miles and enjoyed the moment. The pictures are of Fire Scald Knob overlooking N.E. Tennessee. The other is of the we get to use if we are lucky. Not quite like home but it beats leaning against a tree hoping your feet don’t slip.

We saw a huge owl just before we got into camp, beautiful owl. I was too slow on the camera.

My feet still hurt a lot at the end of the day but I’m still hoping that will improve with time.

All but 1 hiker chose to camp rather than get into the shelter. There is good weather and we are sick of the mice. It’s more work but while the weather is good I’ll take it.


Fire Scald Knob

Fire Scald Knob

The Golden Throne

The Golden Throne

5 Responses to Jerry Cabin Shelter

  1. Christina

    Very cool view. Not the one of you squatting.
    When you say you are tired of the mice do you mean.. The taste?
    Hey… People get hungry out there. I get it.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Love them.

    Happy trails

  2. Chris Reck

    Wow I’m sorry guys, do NOT go in there! Woooo!

  3. Kermit and Sandy

    Nice pirate outfit!!!!

  4. Scott

    nice farmers/Hikers Tan!

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