Bald Mountain Shelter

Posted by on April 14, 2014

4/13/2014 – Day 33 – Total Miles 325.1

Today we had trail magic 3 times!!! Breakfast, some Easter candy along the trail, and on top of Big Bald. When when we took a break on top of Big Bald, people out walking just gave the poor thru-hikers food.

We are in the shelter tonight expecting weather again… we will see what the next 2 days bring.

If the weather develops, we may push 16 mi to get into town.

Just an FYI, a “Bald” is land on top of a hill that mother nature is pretty tough on, so nothing grows there. Kinda like my head!

The pic is of the breakfast trail magic, awesome people. Paul hiked the AT in 2007.

Breakfast TM

Breakfast TM

Easter Candy TM

Easter Candy TM

3 Responses to Bald Mountain Shelter

  1. Billy Sz

    I’ve been reading this more for what Reck and Hart writes than what you do.

  2. Chris Reck

    Muffins and coolaid are fine but one of these trail magicians needs to concoct a spell that makes foot pain vanish. That would be something.

  3. joe

    Chris…I had no idea that Jansen was gonna be a magic man!!

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