Nolichucky River – Erwin, TN

Posted by on April 15, 2014

4/14/2014 – Day 34 – Total Miles 342.0

We rolled into Erwin this afternoon in lite rain. TRW (thunderstorms and rain showers) and snow forecast for tomorrow so we will ride 1 day out hoping to miss the snow. We have had our share of that.

Listener and I hiked together most of the day and got to know each other better. .. Great guy! It’s amazing really, the people that you meet on the trail. You get to know someone in days that normally take so much longer in everyday life.

The hike into Erwin was quite long once you could see the town, I’m guessing about 20 switchbacks and several vistas that never seemed to get me any closer.
At the hotel after my first shower in a week I noticed that I look like I just escaped a prisoner of war camp… First time I really noticed the trail is taking a toll.

The pic is of a painted rock with AT symbol.


5 Responses to Nolichucky River – Erwin, TN

  1. Trolley Stop

    Your looking good Tank. Now the trick is trying to keep from losing too much more weight. Should stop losing around Damascus…but just think of all those extra pounds you’re not carrying up mountains now. Your becoming a hiking machine!

  2. Jim hart

    Ahhh, you were always a fat bastard…about time you lost some lb’s. Lol

  3. Joe Young

    Lots of Gravy and biscuits north of Damascus..there was no such thing as baby formula when I was a kid ya know..

  4. Chris Reck

    Chris I’m at work this morning and I’m looking around me and I gotta tell ya, you DID escape from a prisoner of war camp. Uh oh, here comes the guard. I gotta go!

  5. Stu Karlson

    That symbol was in the Blair Witch Project. It means you’re safe here buddy

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