Beauty Spot Gap

Posted by on April 17, 2014

4/16/2014 – Day 36 – Total Miles 355

About 13 miles today… tent city again tonight with temps well below freezing… I’m ready, all tucked in.

Pretty good day. My feet still hurt but they are the best they have been since the start.  I hope that is a good sign.  Tail magic once again today, Brother Tom provided coffee, fruit, veggies,  brownies, iced tea, and good conversation. Can’t ask for any more than that. I hiked alone most of the day and made pretty good time. Are my hiking Legs kicking in??? I hope so, a few more Days and I’ll know. My knees felt OK but very little downhill to test them.

I did hike back up into the snow that fell yesterday, but the temps were in the 40’s so it wasn’t bad, just some tree rain to contend with.

The next goal is Damascus where I’ll send home my winter gear for summer. It’s just a couple lbs but it all helps.

The pic is of me hiking with the melting snow. I hope that is the last of the snow.




6 Responses to Beauty Spot Gap

  1. Jim Hart

    Great news Chris. A solid month in…you’re killing it!

  2. Anita Read

    I like that smile. Keep it up.

  3. billy c

    Keep on truckin’ Chris. You look good, not like a P.O.W.

  4. Steve

    Always good to see your reports Chris. Keep it up.

  5. Rick Churray

    Chris your doing great! You look good too! The miles have been good to you! Happy Easter!

  6. scott

    hey Chris, your looking good., you were thanking everybody for the email, texts etc, but thanks to you for giving us something to read. Its awesome!

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