Clyde Smith Shelter

Posted by on April 18, 2014

4/17/2014 – Day 37 – Total Miles 368.2

Very good day today. Did 14 miles solo. Lots of think time, so I solved a lot of world problems… If they would just ask.

I hiked through a dense spruce forest which was awesome… like being in a movie scene. The pic I took today is in the forest with a white blaze in the background. We follow those to Maine.

Camping out again tonight and expecting another very cold night. Last night was in the low 20’s and very windy.

My feet are good for the 2nd night. Heels hurt a little but not to bad. I’m hopeful!!!


6 Responses to Clyde Smith Shelter

  1. Billy Sz

    Glad your feet are getting better. But you’re not getting any better looking

  2. Trolley Stop

    Tank, you’re not getting any slack out there. The woods look beautiful. Whose that skinny guy who jumped in front of the camera?

  3. SusanB

    Hi Tank, total stranger here. Following your blog, you’re doing awesome!!!! Susan

  4. Craig Bushey

    Looking good Chris. Enjoy the experience.

  5. steve

    close to 20 percent down chris amazing, enjoying your your updates.

  6. Diane Vastow

    I agree.. Looking good Chris.. Enjoy

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