Roan High Knob Shelter

Posted by on April 19, 2014

4/18/2014 – Day 38 – Total Miles 375.8

Only 8 miles today to Roan Shelter, the highest on the trail. 8 Hikers in all at the shelter, we had an awesome camp fire and a lot of laughs.

I met 3 trail maintenance workers this morning and we talked about what they do for the hikers. It’s amazing how hard they work to make trails usable, improving drainage, using rocks to make steps where they can, making switchbacks, and so much more… we wouldn’t have the AT without them!!!

I met a section Hiker who only had about 30 miles left to finish the entire AT… She will do that in August. She was out today posting signs for trail magic for Easter, which I thought was tomorrow and is only 1.5 miles ahead of us. I was pretty excited until I was informed Easter is 2 days away and we will be long gone… Easter trail magic I’m sure is awesome!!!

Listener is back with us as is his sister Caroline and longtime friend Ben, terrific folks J-Rex and I were very fortunate to meet.

The pics are of the trail today and ice cascades above 6000 ft.
Can you find the white blaze?

Can you find the white blaze?

Can you find the white blaze?

Ice Cascades above 6000 ft.

Ice Cascades above 6000 ft.

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  1. Babs and Steve Gorey

    Happy Easter, Chris. Hope there is Magic in your day. Babs and Steve

  2. Terrie

    Happy Easter Chris!!

  3. Mike Hentz

    Hi Chris. Happy Easter. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Liz

    Happy Easter Chris! Hope you have a wonderful day! Liz and Johnny

  5. Gary

    Hey Chris – double ck those easter eggs u find, they may not be eggs 🙂
    Great logs – glad your getting your hiking feet and legs. Your adventure is inspiring.

  6. Debra

    Enjoy the blog and appreciate the fact that you are hiking for autism…THANKS!

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