Happy Easter!

Posted by on April 20, 2014

4/20/2014 – Day 40 – Total Miles 392.1

Well, we decided to make our 17 mile day a 9 mile day after a couple old injuries resurfaced (not mine). As it turns out it was a good stop. We actually had Easter dinner prepared for us at the Mountain Harbour Hostel since everything in town was closed… AWESOME… and we get breakfast included. We can make up a few miles right??? When we head out of here in the morning, we will be carrying another 4 lbs of eaten food…Yum. It’s worth it even if we will burn it all off tomorrow on the climb out of here.

Easter Sunrise was pretty sweet to see… even though we thought our dismal breakfast was as good as we would see today… I was never so glad to be wrong (see breakfast pic). The sad part today was saying goodbye to Caroline and Ben… Amazing how after just 2 days it seemed like they had been with us for the entire hike… It actually choked me up to see them go!

The views were nothing less than spectacular today… Best of the hike!

The pics are of Easter breakfast and leaving NC for the last time during this hike. VA is very close and is our 4th state… Only 10 left!!!




Leaving NC

Leaving NC

Leaving NC

Leaving NC


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  1. Trolley Stop

    Photos are spectacular. Mountain Harbour sets a pretty high standard for hostel breakfasts. What a great place to be for Easter.

  2. yippyskippy61

    What beautiful weather!

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