Over Mountain Shelter

Posted by on April 20, 2014

4/19/2014 – Day 39 – Total Miles 382.9

Easy day today. We took 2 short days so we could enjoy these two shelters… Best on the trail. I’m happy to be at Over Mountain Shelter tonight. Expecting a beautiful sunrise tomorrow for Easter morning!!!

Had incredible trail magic from Caroline and Ben today in the form of a ride into town for breakfast, resupply, then lunch. Thank you so much.

A fiddle and a violin tonight for entertainment… Happy Easter everyone!!!



3 Responses to Over Mountain Shelter

  1. Liz

    Hope you had a beautiful sunrise this morning. They are wearing shorts …warmer weather??
    400 miles coming up quick!

  2. Cliff Waltenburg

    Happy Easter

  3. Chris Reck

    6 month sabbatical from work so you can hike the Appalachian Trail, 30 grand. Gear and accessories to make the trip including food 7 grand. Strapping your fiddle and banjo on your already
    heavily burdened back pack so you can play the entire sound track from Deliverance and take
    requests from your fellow shelter mates along the way just to lift everyones spirits. Well thats just
    showing off.

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