Laurel Fork

Posted by on April 22, 2014

4/21/2014 – Day 41 – Total Miles 405.3

13.2 today and everyone is feeling pretty good. We passed or 400 mi mark today. . Yahoo!!!  The hike was pretty nice with lots of nice scenery like the geese in the pic. I like the fact that the terrain is becoming kinder.  I need to get started on stretching the mileage out a bit more.  I’m on track to finish around Aug 20 right now but I have to get my avg. up to actually make that happen… Can’t believe I’m taking about that but I have to look at it.

We are camped in a beautiful area with 2 creeks joining together… Best campsite we have had so far, my favorite.

We have word that we might enjoy some trail magic tomorrow afternoon around 5pm if all the planets align… John had been following our progress from Greensboro I believe and may make his way in to meet us… A 4 hr. drive, incredible effort on his part for 3 grateful / hungry hikers.

Enjoy the pictures… 400 miles.  The Geese.

Laurel Fork Camp Site

Laurel Fork Camp Site

400 Miles!!!

400 Miles!!!



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  1. Connie

    Congrats on 400! I’m beyond amazed!! I’m glad the path is a little easier for you. Love reading your posts every day. Be safe and may TM rain down on you!!

  2. Billy Sz

    Can you work for me on August 21st?

  3. Joe Young

    Looks like Mountain Laurel there around u Chris,,,very nice spot there…and ive seen a few spots like that..with maybe a bit more Laurel that had the smell of strong beverages wafting through the leaves…enjoy my childhood playground. Your averages should improve as u get further into Va…really smaller rises. But some nice vistas. Great job on making 400…good on ya dude!

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