Abington Gap… 22.7 miles

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4/24/2014 – Day 44 – Total Miles 456.7

That’s right 22.7 miles!!! We pushed hard to make our hike into Damascus as short as we could in the thunderstorms. It’ll be about 5 to 6 hrs to a dry hotel and food. I need a big cheeseburger and a big ice cream shake!!!

You may have guessed that my feet are am issue tonight… OUCH!!!

A local church left some trail magic in a cooler in the woods… When we got the word we shifted gears and powered thru 3 miles passing 2 other Hikers and a dog… When we arrived we got the last 2 Pepsis. No we didn’t feel guilty!

I’m beat so this is short… good night!


6 Responses to Abington Gap… 22.7 miles

  1. Jim Hart

    23 miles! Holy crap Chris… You’re killing it! Press on!

  2. Christina

    Nice job Chris! Very inspiring

  3. Liz

    You definitely deserved that Pepsi! 23 miles!!! Your perseverance is an inspiration to everyone…Love reading your blog everyday and everyone’s responses! Liz and Johnny

  4. Rick Churray

    Great job Chris! Before you know it Virginia will be behind you ! LOL ! Great job!

  5. mike

    Damascus 😉 ??????

  6. Terrie

    Great job!

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