Damascus, VA.

Posted by on April 26, 2014

4/25/2014 – Day 45 – Total Miles 466.9

Well we beat mother nature into Damascus… almost. As we were walking out of the woods into town it started to dump. We were close enough to avoid a good dowsing but still got pretty wet. I bought new trail shoes and a 35 degree bag for summer, saved some space and dropped a few lbs in the process. We ate at the blue blaze Cafe and ate too much as expected. I really think I’ll be sick of eating like this by the time we see big K.

The pic tonight is of Listener and myself crossing into VA. Our 4th state, only 10 to go ! Funny thing about Va is that it is further to get thru than all the miles we have done so far yet we will get thru it quicker.


6 Responses to Damascus, VA.

  1. Mike Hentz

    Thanks for the updates. Have a great weekend. Bring summer on!

  2. JNH

    Amazing Chris, you don’t look any worse for the wear……love the updates stay safe and God Bless….

    Keep on trucking….

  3. Trolley Stop

    Welcome to Virginia!

  4. joe

    Not too far up the road Chris is Burkes Garden…its quite a treat to see..it looks like a place thats a meteor crater or such…It is in fact a huge collapsed cave system..enjoy… and its terrific fun to read about your progress..

  5. Terrie

    You’re doing awesome Chris! Love reading your daily blogs!

  6. Rock Churray

    Yes, welcome to Virginia! You are doing great. Keep on doing what your doing. Great mileage to! You will make your goal of finishing in a timely manner!

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