Damacus Zero Day

Posted by on April 27, 2014

4/26/2014 – Day 46

I don’t normally post on zero days. I thought I would today since learning of a fellow hiker that fell off a mountain just north of the Smokies, crushed his c7 and compound fraction of his leg. He was airlifted to University of Tennessee Medical Center. These things happen more often than you would think. 65 years old and his dream is over.  So many times I’ve thought about how dangerous it is to hike some of these areas, and it is… you can’t have enough prayers. He was lucky in the sense that some rafters saw him fall and called  for rescue.

On a lighter note we leave tomorrow a.m. For the trail again and plan to have 2 breakfasts on the way out of  town… Because we can!  And we are always hungry now !

The pic today is of Listener and Movies and myself (not pictured… lol) at the local coffee shop.


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  1. Caroline Jordan

    Many prayers being sent for safe travels for all y’all out on the trail. Love your updates and miss you!

  2. Trolley Stop

    So sorry to hear about the injury of one of your fellow hikers. Every step is an adventure…some more than others. While it’s not too much fun watching the top of your boots all the time, it’s likely the safest way to hike. (look out for those low lying branches too).

  3. Mark Evans

    C DUB!!! Doing great there my man. Keep pressing. That’s not Listener…it’s P12!!! You found the Twelver…Mark E

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