Finally a Signal, 3 Days Later…

Posted by on May 1, 2014

Thomas Knob Shelter

4/28/2014 – Day 48 – Total Miles 495.4

Approximately 11 miles today. Tough day in spite of the short miles… Lots of rocks and roots to navigate. It’s raining pretty hard as I write this blog, glad I’m in my bag instead of the rain still.  Today as we crossed White Top Mountain the winds picked up to about 50 kts and the temp dropped about 30 degrees… With the rain and fog blowing past it was all I could do to stand up, with the pack weight I was being pushed all over the bald. Another scary moment, one of the guys had his pack cover torn off his pack and he actually chased it into the fog. I could see him running right off the mountain… He was lucky.  One place you don’t want to be is on a Ridge or a Bald with thunder and lightning, you’re a lightning rod!

Today was Listeners Birthday so I had packed in a small cake and a candle to surprise him. I can’t believe it wasn’t crushed from all the stuff in my pack but it made the journey. He was pretty surprised!!!  Happy Birthday Beau.

The pics today are of me getting ready to start my day hiking in the rain. The other is rain and hail at the shelter tonight. Supposed to continue till noon tomorrow and the next 3 days…Ugh!!!



Hurricane Mountain Shelter

4/29/2014 – Day 49 – Total Miles 511.4

16 Miles today. Thunder and lightning started the day and our hike. Fortunately the weather eased off about an hr into the hike so it was ok after that. I was still soaked ,but that’s the way it is. We saw the wild ponies briefly as the fog or clouds that rolled over us all day gave way now and then. We didn’t see any of the beautiful views advertised… We did walk up on a herd of cows in the fog that didn’t seem to care in the least that they were blocking the trail…

We passed another milestone today… 500 miles !!! Wahoo !!!

We hiked with “Time to Eat” as we came to the Fat Man Squeeze, a cave with a tunnel that gets pretty tight…

The pics are of the Fat Man Squeeze, the trail that we have to walk in when it rains (you just give up trying not to walk in the river that flows down the trail), and the cows.

Tomorrow we have big news… we hike 20 miles to a phone booth that we can order pizza from….. 2 large please with everything!!!




Partnership Shelter

4/30/2014  – Day 50 – Total Miles 531.1

20 miles today. We beat the weather again…. Living right?? This place is packed tonight… sleeps 15 and there must be 20 here. Pizza is a big draw and its only 0.1 miles from a visitor center which has a soda machine !!!! Short message today cuz I’m tired.  The pic is of an iron mountain waterfall.


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  1. Jeff Biales

    Hey Bro. I’m really proud of you! Enjoying reading your posts. Wish I could take the time and hike along with you.


  2. Babs and Steve Gorey

    Wow, Chris. You are really ticking those miles off (may not seem so fast to you). Sounds like your trip is going well. Stay dry! Babs and Steve

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