Lynn Camp Creek

Posted by on May 3, 2014

5/2/2014 – Day 52 – Total Miles 557.7

Pretty quiet day today after my mini resupply. Lots of uphills which always slows done the avg, but slow and steady got it done.

The rocks are always hard on my feet but not much I can do about that. Trail magic was in order again today… Wahoo! Two coolers that were zip tied to a fence with orange and root beer sodas and pb&js in the next cooler… Only issue was that both were on a hill with at least a 45 degree angle… no kidding, your feet were screaming as you tried to enjoy the food then move on. Maybe they didn’t want me to get too comfy there… lol.

Only 3 tents here tonight. Hikers are starting to really spread out as we move North. The main bubble of Hikers that left GA. on April 1st are still behind us…
That’s about it for today, Good miles, Good weather, Sore feet!!!

There was a couple at a road crossing that were waiting for me to cross, but I was already 2 miles past them when they showed up… I was told by a hiker behind me that they were following my trail journal and wanted to meet… Wonder who it was.

The pic today is of a stile which allows us to cross a fenced in area without leaving any Cattle gates open.

20140502_085140_resizedAmazing !!

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  1. Bill and Vicki

    The secret is out. It was us, Bill and Vicki. We went all that way hoping to catch a glimpse of Tank in action. Oh, well, maybe next time we’ll plan it better.

  2. Jim hart

    Chris your nearing 600 miles, that’s great. The other day Chris Reck was hiking across his bedroom. He almost made it but it wasn’t ment to be. He broke his toe on a bed post. The only trail magic he received was his wife didn’t step on his hand as she stepped over his crumpled body, mumbling to herself something about a dumbass. Perfect!

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