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5/3/2014 – Day 53 – Total Miles 575.2

18.0 miles today. I hiked solo all day. Rough terrain again with the rocks and lots of up hill.

My hiking buddy Listener is leaving the trail in a couple weeks to attend to some family matters.  Tomorrow he is pushing ahead to gain the miles he would lose being off the trail for 5 or 6 days…. I hope to see him again in a month or so. Everyone in our original group is now in different places for different reasons but all are still planning to finish their thru hikes!!

Since I hiked alone today I didn’t take any pics but this previous one is of a water crossing bridge… others only have 1 log. Good luck!


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  1. Jenn and Matt

    Really enjoy your posts and great pictures!!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  2. ~ Two Eagles ~

    Tank, stay strong. Sorry you will lose the company of a friend on the trail. On a positive note, it will give you time with yourself, something so many of us would yearn to have, you are both lucky and blessed. Tomorrow morning you will greet another day on the trail, while the rest of us commute our way to work for another 40 hour week. you are not like us, for you are making your dream happen! Stay safe and travel well my friend!

  3. Chris Reck

    Chris, I’m really sorry that Jim told you about my toe. He doesnt understand that you are going to lose sleep at night and concentration during the day worrying about my well being. I want to assure
    you that I am gonna make it. I’m getting plenty of sleep, eating lots of good home cooked food and drinking some good beer to take my mind off the discomfort. So stop worrying my friend. I’m fine.

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