Bland, VA.

Posted by on May 5, 2014

5/4/2014 – Day 54 – Total Miles 587.6

12 miles today since I was out of food and had to resupply. Stayed at a local motel where we had a small get together with several other hikers, Time to Eat, Finn, Chin Music, Razor, Wife and Cambodia, and myself Tank. Free wine… First alcohol of the hike. Now I’m all supplied and ready to go.

I met two trail maintenance folks today and a ridge runner both full of Good information for the trail as I move forward. …

Pic today Is crossing a river on our way to Bland.



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  1. Billy Sz

    NO Chris, DON’t jump!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trolley Stop

    Better than halfway to the midpoint! Looking strong Tank. It’s hard to loose those you’ve been hiking with but new friends are just around the next bend waiting to share part of your adventure and help you get to Katahdin.

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