Kimberling Creek Campsite

Posted by on May 6, 2014

5/5/2014 – Day 55 – Total Miles 605.9

18.3 miles… Awesome day to be outside, trail was good and the hiking miles just flew by. Camping next to a large Creek which is nice to hear at night. Still sore feet but that’s everyday.

Cambodia hiked an extra mile to get hot dogs and all the fixings for dinner. I had a nice fire going. Cambodia, Time to Eat, and myself enjoyed the evening and of course at Hiker midnight we were all in our sleeping bags… Lights out.

We passed 600 miles today! Another milestone.


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  1. Caroline Jordan

    600+!! I love it! You are a trooper, Chris. Keep on keepin’ on, my brother. Jen and I took the dogs on short 2 mile walk yesterday and wondered about what thoughts were running through your mind as you hiked. She said that she and her hiking buddy, Kate, would tell each other the plots the to movies the other had not seen to pass the time. Miss you.

  2. Kermit & Sandy

    AWESOME – so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John Schwoyer

    Looks like the over is going to be in the money. Congrats on 600+ keep up the greatness that we all know, love and miss

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