Woods Hole Hostel

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5/6/2014 – Day 56 – Total Miles 620.9

15.0 miles today. Summer is coming. It was 85 degrees today and man that made the uphills long and sweaty… pouring sweaty.  But the smoothie I got at Woods Hole made up for it ten fold… wow that was good!

Tomorrow I’m doing my first slack pack… Woods Hole will truck our packs forward 12 miles and we will hike to them. We’ll do a small resupply and then hike with pack another 3 or 4 miles.

There is a huge hiker feed on 5/11 and we are timing our hike not to miss it. It’s free. As hikers we hike, eat, and sleep. When we are not eating we talk a lot about eating. YUM!

The pics today are of me on the end of the longest suspension pedestrian bridge and one of lunch on the trail next to a beautiful stream. Where did you have lunch today?

Amazing !!



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  1. Liz

    Seems like just yesterday you were commenting on the snow and cold!!

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