At the Captains

Posted by on May 12, 2014

5/8/2014 – Day 58 – Total Miles 652.9

Approx 17 miles today. Today was pretty hot to give in the sun… 90 degrees. Is it time to complain about the heat now?

We rolled into the Captains trail magic at about 4:30 and Chinn Music was there cooking hot dogs hamburgers and pork chops… and whatever goes with it… Awesome! How can you ever beat a free meal?

I’m in my tent now and there is a good 15 tents around here. All satisfied Hikers and in the morning we will get our 2nd chance at the cable cart zip line…no one ended up in the water… It wasn’t for lack of trying tho. It was a good day!



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  1. Buffalo

    Looks like Big Agnes tents rule on the AT.

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