War Spur Shelter

Posted by on May 12, 2014

5/9/2014 – Day 59 – Total Miles 662.8

The Captain was doing his hiker feed again today so it was tough to go, but we rolled out about 8:30 knowing we planned for a short day to beat the weather and stay dry for another night.

It’s raining now as I lay here typing my journal that will go nowhere since I have AT&T which has really been awful !

I finally sent home the rest of my winter gear which lightened my pack 3lbs. In my haste at the post office, I also included my spork. It’s tough to eat anything with hiker fingers being filthy animals… lol.  Anyway, Mission’s wife went home with a bad Achilles issue and he had an extra spork… The trail gives you what you need !

If the person who wrote me about Shakespeare is still reading my journal, I have not seem him yet to pass on your message, I’ll keep looking…..

The pics today are of me sitting a little to close to the edge, Me pulling Time to Eat across the river from the Captains, and one of Wet Dog on the left who I met the day I started the hike 3/12…

Amazing !!!




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  1. Liz

    So nice to see you smiling on a beautiful sunny day vs. snow and rain! Liz and Johnny

  2. dajon0510

    Thanks! Shakes(Shakespeare) I believe he is still a day- two days behind you. Yes am enjoying your blog. Have to admit its nice to have you in front of him ,gives me an idea of what is around the corner! 🙂 Stay safe,stay cool, if that is possible! thanks again

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