700 Miles!!!

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5/12/2014 – Day 62 – Total Miles 708.1

About 14 miles today. No way I can describe climbing over the dragons tooth… See video on Youtube. It’s tough tough!! I still can’t believe they let people do this!!

Water was tough today so before we climbed up to Mcafee’s Knob we left our own trail magic of 8 gals of water for Hikers behind us.




5 Responses to 700 Miles!!!

  1. Trolley Stop

    Best photos yet. What a gift to have a day like that on McAfee.

  2. Gary

    Holy Cow !! That’s a once in a lifetime shot (and u didn’t even use photoshop)

  3. Mike Hentz

    Wow, It’s a good thing you lost some weight, that rock is cracked.

  4. Sarah

    I have been waiting for this picture Chris! Once again you haven’t let me down.
    I love your blog.
    By the way, I refinished my font headlights (you have been too busy to do it)
    They came out great
    I sure miss seeing you in the office
    Stay a safe distance from those bears!

  5. scott mcconnell

    This is amazing Chris! This is the kind of shot that you only see in magazines. What an incredible journey. I am way behind on reading your posts. It is so cool that you are doing this and you are doing great!!!

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