Audie Murphy Memorial

Posted by on May 14, 2014

5/11/2014 – Day 61 – Total Miles 695.0

We stopped at the memorial for a couple pics… a must stop for any veteran.  He was the most decorated vet in World War II.

Pretty easy day overall. Tomorrow we try to get Time to Eat to a doc for a really hideous toe issue, If it was my toe I’d be crying. I think it should come off, but what do I know?!

New Hiker in the mix… Dallas. She fell twice today… hard. One tough lady.


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  1. Alan Arrasmith

    Just a note about when my son and I hiked through this area a few years ago, on the trail to the Memorial at the side of the trail was the biggest timber rattlesnake I had ever seen. It wasn’t coiled, it was crawling away from the trail, minding its own business…. we left it alone, but for sure our eyes were wide open for a few days!! We are enjoying your posts, keep up the good work!!

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