Daleville, Va.

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5/13/2014 – Day 63 – Total Miles 723.5

15.4 miles today. Tough day on the feet with all the rocks and it was 96 degrees, we really struggled through it… But we are here. Taking our day off tomorrow for a little healing and some new underwear.

Saw my first bear this morning not 50 yards away… scarey and cool at the same time.

I’m beginning to deal with Christmas Toe… If you don’t know what this is I’ll tell ya… Have your spouse take a ball peen hammer and hit the end of your toe 5-10 times a day when you don’t expect it. Continue this for say 2-3 months. You’ll notice your toes begin to swell at different rates and they become sore beyond anything you know.  No worries tho, by Christmas time if you make it thru the hike, they will start to get better… Christmas Toe !!!!

Here is a sample of trail magic…



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  1. Trolley Stop

    Nothing happier than thru-hikers having a good meal. You are burning up the Trail! Try to visit the outfitters in Daleville…they’re the best.

  2. Terrie

    Hi Chris, 723.5 miles…Wow, now that’s impressive! I always buy my shoes one size larger to avoid the “Christmas Toe.” 🙂

  3. Chris Reck

    Hey speaking of toes, stop me if you’ve heard this story, I was getting ready for work last week and it was dark in the bedroom……………..

  4. scott mc

    “Christmas toe” ouchj!!! shouldn’t that only come once a year?

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