Campsite at 759.1

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5/17/2014 – Day 67 – Total Miles 759.1

Approx 17.0 today. Sad news today… Cambodia thru in the towel today. She is working her way home to PA. After a week or two to nurse an injury or two she may go to Maine and hike South… First time I actually saw someone say they were leaving! All off us older hikers are nursing some kind of ache or injury… Good weather again today but the last 2 miles had a 3,000 ft elevation gain that stopped us at about 2,000 ft… we will do the rest in the morning.

The pic today if of Bryant Ridge Shelter, best one I have seen on the trail so far, it even had a loft! The other is of Dallas spilling her fancy coffee all over herself.  We don’t discriminate, we will laugh at anyone’s screw-up!!!




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  1. JNH

    Chris you are my hero…the memories you are creating for yourself, family and friends……I look forward to your safe return from your successful journey……be safe, stay healthy and may
    God Bless…..JNH

  2. scott mc

    I second what JNH says, you are our hero Chris!

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