Stealth Camping

Posted by on May 18, 2014

5/18/2014 – Day 68 – Total Miles 777.7

Great hiking weather day. 18.6 miles.

BlueJay hiked with us today who I met in Hiawasee, Ga. way back in the beginning. Funny how you think you’ll never see someone again and here they are 700 miles later!

Went under the guillotine today, “Let it go, I got it!!!!!”   See pic.

If you have ever been in the woods walking along and you came upon a cooler that had sandwiches and drinks inside, would you sit down and eat/drink? LOL… I don’t even hesitate. Without question I would eat and drink with wild abandon. In the real world no way!



3 Responses to Stealth Camping

  1. Diane Bastow

    Very cool 🙂

  2. Jim hart

    Amazing you through that rock that high to get it stuck up there.

  3. Stuart Karlson

    Who are you kidding! We all know it’s you taking other people’s food
    out of the work fridge! That crime wave stopped late in March. Coincidence?

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