800 Miles…

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5/19/2014 – Day 69 – Total Miles 800.3

It’s dark. I just got in. I don’t know shelter name. I’m exhausted. 23 miles today.




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  1. Liz

    23 Miles!!! No wonder you are exhausted!! I am tired just thinking about it! But you are over the 800 mark!
    Liz and Johnny

  2. Rick Churray

    Tank you are killing it! I will be on the Priest Thursday evening I hope to see you! I wish I was hiking with you. Next year is my year and each day of your adventure bring more excitement.to me.


  3. Trolley Stop

    Great day…just short of a marathon! Of course you’ll walk the equivalent of 83 marathons before you climb Katahdin.

  4. TD


  5. Mike Hentz

    Sleep well. God bless my friend.

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