Camping at Porters Field

Posted by on May 21, 2014

5/20/2014 – Day 70 – Total Miles 818.3

Approx 18 miles today. I hiked solo today with the occasional Hello from others. Nice day with beautiful VA views. I’m in my tent at 7pm and hoping to catch up on some much needed rest. I’ve had two big climbs in last two days and I’m tired. There are always more to come.

The pics are of the James River and the pedestrian crossing built for AT Hikers…

I can’t believe how tired I am… so far I’m camping alone as well…  Hopefully no bears!!!

Amazing !



3 Responses to Camping at Porters Field

  1. Cliff Waltenburg

    Your doing great

  2. Jim Hart

    You’re doing great Chris. You’re starting look like a sexy Amish fireplace salesman. The Mennonite women will swoon over you in PA.

  3. Billy Sz

    I’ve heard that fireplace salesman is a very prestigious position within Eastern PA.
    But I know you love Abby too much to move to Scranton

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