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5/22/2014 – Day 72 – Total Miles 857.3

I’m here, but it wasn’t without pain. I got off the trail this morning after several miles to hitch into town for a Dr visit for feet issues. He took care of my blisters and told me to get shoes that fit correctly, so much for outfitter “experts”. Tomorrow back to the outfitter for new shoes again. I’ll be happy if they work. Anyway, after a few hrs I got a ride back to the trail to finish the day and into a hotel. The rocks were brutal and worse is coming in PA.

I also missed a Southbound Hiker that has been following my blog. He hiked to meet me and we missed since I was at the Dr. I’m sorry about that. Didn’t know he would be there or I would have hiked on. Better days are coming tomorrow!

Still amazing !!!

Here is a picture of me on the zip line at the Captains. I meant to include it in that blog post but I missed it somehow.


3 Responses to Waynesboro

  1. Billy Sz

    Dude, You’re looking svelte!
    Just get past that 1000 mile mark. The rest is all downhill. Oh wait………….

  2. Rick Churray

    Tank it was great to meet you and your wife! This was the best part of my hike this week! Lunch was great I was not sure we were going to meet but glad we did. I look forward to more tails of your adventure. You are in my prayers! PEACE!

  3. Sarah

    That looks like fun! Did you go back and forth a few times?
    Glad you got some attention to your poor sore feet, hope you are more comfortable now.

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