Stealth Camp

Posted by on May 28, 2014

5/26/2014 – Day 76 – Total Miles 895.0

16.5 miles today, we were a bit tired from yesterday.  Saw another bear today and a doe that had just dropped a fawn. She wouldn’t move from us more than 20 yards so I know the fawn was motionless nearby but we couldnt find it.

Had a nice lunch at a Skyline Drive restaurant. (pic is after lunch).

The Park Service is real sticky about where we can camp, but getting to the next hut wasn’t going to happen… so stealth it is!!

The other pic is looking up thru my mesh ceiling at the trees and sky before I passed out for the night… Which reminds me… Goodnight!

Amazing !!!




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  1. scott mc

    awesome Chris, you are doing great. I just realized its you in the banner picture across the top…how cool!

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