Harpers Ferry

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6/2/2014 – Day 83 – Total Miles 1018.3

Rough trail into Harpers Ferry this morning, lots of rocks. I took a pretty good fall yesterday. I didn’t think much of it at the time but today my right side ribs are very painful. I can barely get up from a prone position, and my arm is black and blue.  I want to hike out tomorrow but I may stay a day. I will know in the morning.

Got into the ATC Conservancy and did my official weigh in and had my pic taken for the yearbook. I was Hiker number 365. That’s all that have made it this far so far this year. As for my weight…. I’ve loss 45 lbs. Im eating like a horse all the time. You wouldn’t believe it if I described a in town meal, it’s crazy.

Anyway,  I hope to be back on the trail tomorrow and into MD then PA as quickly as I can, maybe 3 days.

Everything is truly amazing on the trail !!!!



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  1. jim hart

    Hang in there Chris, you’re doing great. Dont kill yourself…leave that for the drivers on I-635.

  2. Steve and Babs Gorey

    Funny, Chris, I remember Trolley Stop arrived in Harpers Ferry with broken ribs. Hope you get better in a hurry. Babs

  3. The Michigans

    I guess my wife and I will see you somewhere in Maryland. Leaving Mason Dixon Line on Thursday morning going south. I hope your wounds heal fast. Let us know if you need anything, we can hand it off to you.

    Brian and Stacey Michigan

  4. Mark

    What an adventure! You’re looking great, but be careful out there! Really enjoying your updates, especially the pics.

  5. Billy Sz

    Congrats on the weight loss. Keep going, I’ll try to fatten you up when you reach Mt. Washington

  6. Trolley Stop

    Hi Tank: As Babs said I kind of limped into Harpers Ferry, but thankfully the ribs weren’t broken…just felt that way. I had my run in with a big rock on the roller coaster. Buffalo Bobby wanted to take my picture while I was down but I wouldn’t let him. I’m proof that you’ll feel better soon.

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